Standards, Metrology Quality Inspection and Certification

As a tech entity offering third-party inspection and testing, CARS utilizes its expensive packages of tools (testing and inspection tools) as the anchor and series of national qualification and authorization as the platform in its offering of technical railway services such as railway standardization, measurement, product quality inspection and product certification, while expanding its business portfolio and constantly enhancing its capability to serve the industry from a technical perspective. Holding both China Metrology Accreditation (CMA) and China National Accreditation Service (CNAS) inspection and certification qualifications, CARS is a Ministry of Railway authorized entity for the inspection of railway products; as the technical entity appointed by the Ministry of Railway for projects requiring administrative approval, boasts the competence for inspection and product testing with regard to corporate quality system, workshop production conditions, production permit and special fabrication permit; claims a highly knowledgeable and experienced team of talents with long term engagements in production standardization, specialized measurement, product quality inspection and certification; and has a group of both full-time and part-time corporate quality management system and workshop condition assessors, examinants and inspectors holding national qualification certificates.

Product certification and Inspection

Product certification: responsible for mandatory and voluntary certifications on industrial products in the railway and urban trace transport fields.

Product quality inspection: mainly involved in inspection, verificaiton and testing of railway, highway and urban tract products, with capacity and capability covering locomotives, vehicles, communications, signaling, public works, materials, contact net, transport and packaging disciplines. Main business engagements: supervision over and sample-inspection on industrial railway products, examination and testing intended for the issuance of production permit for industrial railway products, examination and testing intended for the issuance of fabrication permit for industrial railway products, and inspection on quality of transport security products.

Standardization and Measurement

Responsible for the technical examination and specialized administration of railway standards, organization of the drafting and amendment of national and industry criteria, and inspection on standardization. Studying railway industry standardization system and conducting international standardization study.

Responsible for specialized administration on railway specific measurement and overseeing measurement, in charge of Metrological Transferring and standards comparison work, and organizing drafting and amendment of directives for railway measurement confirmation.

Organizing legal measurement verification on the mandatory national inspection items- track gauge and railway tank/car capacity; and conducting inspection on overloading and unbalanced loading gauges, and railway tank/car safety.

Administrating railway products identification codes, and assigning codes.

Responsible for general management of coding and code assigning, and usage of relative information for railway products; accepting online applications and conducting code generation and assignment. The identification code for railway products is the only code of identification for the entire life cycle of a product that regulates and standardizes the products name and describes its properties. Developing basic database for railway product information, which plays a key role in enhancing the quality of railway products. Realizes product information exchange and data sharing for the production/fabrication management, market access, quality oversight and tracking, materials management, operation, assets management, material calculation, and programmed accounting of railway products.

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