As one of the powerhouses of railway science and technology innovations, the CARS has, over the past 50 decades, made prominent contributions to the scientific and technological progress in the railway sector, and developed an array of scientific and technological talents engaged in disciplines ranging from railway transport, rolling stocks, railway structures, communication & signaling, metal & chemical to computer applications. They have assured the demands for research in key technologies such as railway heavy loading, speeding up, high-speed feasibility, computerized ticketing and computer interlocking, and helped confirm our technological leadership in the railway sector.

To date, five associates of CARS: Mao Yisheng, Lu Zhaojun, Cheng Qingguo, Zhou Jing and Feng Shuyu have been appointed the members of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE); 14 have been designated national experts with prominent contributions, and more than 250 are enjoying special allowance provided by the state government. Meanwhile, CARS has also developed ministry-level experts and talents, PhD instructors, 200 plus master instructors, role-model workers, and pioneers and celebrities in science and technology who are receiver of the Locomotive Medal, Zhan Tianyou Science & Technology Award and Mao Yisheng Science and Technology Award.

In terms of talents training/development, CARS owns a Railway Technology Institute (Training Center) open to the entire railway network that is able to provide on-the-job training/education and development of masters. CARS is one of the first entities in China that could grant doctoral and maters degree, and now provides 5 doctoral degree programs, 12 master degree programs. CARS also has 2 postdoctoral workstations for traffic & transportation engineering and civil engineering.

Since its conversion to a corporate identity, CARS attached corporate strategic development status to the development and utilization of talents, and adopted open-ended configuration of human resources, while attracting and making good use of the talents. Besides developing the corporate brand, CARS has also been engaged in development celebrity brand and strategy in its bid to establish the overall brand recognition of the company.