Continuing Education

CARS started continuing education trainings dedicated in railway high & new technology and application technology for railway industry since 1978 with the advocacy of MOR. After 30 years’ exploration and development, CARS set up a national level continuing education training base for professional technicians approved by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of People’s Republic of China in the first batch. It is a railway continuing education high & new technology base officially named by MOR, the only designated organization in Beijing on behalf of MOR responsible for computer application ability test of national professional technicians and railway supervising engineer qualification exam. It is a group member of China Association for Continuing Engineering Education and Beijing Association for Continuing Engineering Education, and national CAD application training center. Over the years, CARS has followed the training concept of “demand oriented, being focused, excellent service, scientific evaluation and brand building” and the guidance of modern rail transport technology development and industrial training demands. Based on resource advantages, e.g. excellent teachers, complete supporting facility and perfect education service system, and with well planed training projects, strict training management program, scientific training quality evaluation and excellent training service, a professional training system with a complete range of rail transport has come into being covering business management, IT technology, practical foreign language, railway engineering, rolling stock, traffic organization, signaling and communication and automation controls. CARS has organized in large scale high & new technology training programs for rail transport industry involving key engineering technology and infrastructure management for high speed railways, railway traffic organization, signaling and communication, transport equipment application and security, informationization and development and application of detection technology. Besides, CARS organized qualification certification trainings for registered supervising engineer and PDL engineering test professionals. In average, CARS annually organizes over 100 classes of trainings with trainees exceeding 10,000 people.

  • member and council member of China Association for Continuing Engineering Education
  • member of Beijing Association for Continuing Engineering Education
  • A licensed unit approved by the State of social forces to run school: License for Social Forces to Run School, P. R.C, No.F92063
  • An institution legal person approved by the State: Institution Legal Person Certificate, P. R. C, No. 211010800007
  • A stated approved organization: Organization Code, P. R. C, No. 40089052-4
  • CARS training station, Beijing, National CAD application training network (approved by State Scientific and Technological Commission and State Education Commission)
  • Railway High & New Technology Training Base (acknowledged by HR Service Center, MOR )
  • Railway Technology Research College of CARS (training center)
  • National continuing education training base for professional technicians (approved by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of People’s Republic of China)

Enrolled and external experts and teachers have nearly reached 400 people, including 183 doctoral and master tutors (166 senior professionals and 17 sub-senior professionals) and 216 railway technicians (127 senior professionals and 89 sub-senior professionals). E.g. CARS chief researchers: Huang Qiang, Liu Chunhuang, Wang Yueming, Zhou Qingyue; national experts and experts of MOR: Qian Lixin, Lu Yang, Ke Zaitian, Jiang Cheng, Shi Cunlin, Liu Jianliang, Duan Wu, Zhang Qi, Fan Ming, Qiu Chuanrui, Tian Changhai, He Bangmo, Zhu Jiansheng, Jiang Qiuhua and Li Ping, etc..

  • multi-media lecture hall
  • CAI computer teaching equipment and classroom
  • projection, audio and video teaching equipment
  • apartment building accommodating 200 people