Yongfeng Innovation Base

With its GFA totaling 45,322 sqm, Yongfeng WORKS, the platform of Beijing Zongheng Electromechanical Technology Development Company for translation/commercialization of research findings, is in charge of the fabrication and quality control of main products of the company, trial fabrication of newly developed proprietary products, as well as the nationalization of its cooperative programs: braking and traction systems. Yongfeng WORKS is equipped with cutting-edge manufacturing fixtures including machining center, numerically controlled machine tools, 3-coordinate measuring devices, and electronic testing equipments, and features traction & electrical system testing center, general testing station for auxiliary systems and general testing center for network control system among other key testing, research and verification platforms that are further equipped with a complete packages of capabilities including Switzerland-made precision length measuring tools, Germany-made spectrographs, Italy-made 3-coordinate measuring machines, and Germany-made profile instruments. Advanced performance that fundamentally improves the appearance and quality assurance of the parts to international leadership level. The companys manufacturing division adopts rigorous production process, and manages the process in accordance with the IRIS quality system, thus ensuring the quality of the products manufactured.