Mobile Postdoctoral Station

In Dec. 1995, with the approval of 15th meeting of National Post-doctoral Office, CARS has set up the mobile post-doctoral stations on some first-class disciplines of railway, road and water transportation. In 1998, the disciplines of railway, road and water transportation are merged as communication and transportation engineering mobile station. At the same year, the civil engineering mobile station has been applied and approved. Moreover, CARS has successively cooperated to set up post-doctoral research station with some corporations, such as Shenzhen Tonge Industrial Co.Ltd, CSR Sifang Locomotives & Stock Co.Ltd, Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group Co.Ltd and Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co.Ltd.

Research disciplines and research directions

The mobile post-doctoral station of major research disciplines and field is set up as the first-class discipline. At present, CARS has set up mobile post-doctoral station of the first-class discipline: civil engineering mobile station and communication and transportation engineering mobile station. There are second-class disciplines with doctor degree granting: road and railway engineering, transportation information engineering & control, Vehicle Operation Engineering, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, and Transportation planning and management. The mobile post-doctoral station has scientific research task, with research conditions (including research assistant and research fund), which could recruit post-doctoral researcher.